The Wildlife parallel


Many aspects of "Gun Control" are absurd as well as dangerous.  Let us look at a tongue-in-cheek analogy with regard to wild animals!


By Chris Bodine.

The constant wish for "Gun Control" needs to perhaps be analyzed for a change with regard to a wildlife analogy. Those of us who respect the Second Amendment attach to it also the innate right given us by our Creator to defense of the self.

Being somewhat facetious, we could extend the principle of "Gun Control" to some animals in the wild. Why for instance should we have to live in fear of a bear attack in many areas, when surely the simple solution would be a program to find, tranquilize and then remove all teeth and claws. The animal would then be a much reduced threat. Alligators and Mountain Lions could also be "dealt with"! Needless to say this would totally enrage PETA!!

There is however a problem - how to find and implement this approach on every single individual - forget the cost, which probably could be covered by another 'Stimulus' Program! It is most unlikely however that this could succeed 100%, so instead we would be left with a percentage of "dangerous" specimens who would retain their own individual means of protection regardless. Now, it could well be argued that these would represent the few that could remain entitled, normal and effective, but still perhaps seen as a threat. In fact the most aggressive examples could well be regarded as parallels to the human criminal and "Gangsta" communities. Those people who will never obey the law and be armed regardless by any means possible.

There is of course, as has been referenced many times in this excellent article - "Raging Against Self Defense", the problem of the anti-gun mental state. Is it fear or is it the wish to control? Most probably both. It seems that these people such as those comprising the Brady Campaign, Million Moms, Senator McCarthy, Chuck Schumer, Lautenberg and many more - seem to feel that a disarmed citizenry is the answer to all gun oriented problems. We who defend the Second Amendment and have the ability to apply simple logic and common sense know different.

Let's continue a moment with the animal parody. Many people own pets such as dogs and cats. Now we here again have teeth and claws as weapons of (natural) self defense. Perhaps to avoid any injury we should de-claw and remove teeth from these critters too - just to try and make sure no one gets hurt. Is this not perhaps a logical extension of the disarmament argument? I nearly forgot, we must "de-fang" any and all venomous snakes! Legislation could take care of all this.

The sad thing with attempts at "Gun Control" is that the safety of the majority bona fide individual is ignored. As always "The Gun" is seen as the enemy when in fact it is only the user - the user who will be armed irrespective of any "Gun Control". Let's not also forget the well worn "Power grows out of the barrel of a gun" - meaning in essence that if only those in power retain access to firearms then genocide is a very likely possibility. One only has to study the JPFO Genocide chart and watch the film "Innocents Betrayed" (See a trailer) to see the historical consequences of victim disarmament.

OK, the animal analogy is totally facetious but perhaps you get the point!


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