Educating the fence sitters


Apart from the rabid anti gun people who seem to never want to listen to logic, there are many who really just do not know which side of the fence they sit on.  We have to try and 'bring them in' and provide information to have them see some sense - sometimes seemingly a mission impossible.


The "Fence sitters" make up a large number of people, the ones who claim they respect and honor the Bill of Rights but who are also are quite satisfied to see the 'powers that be' erode the inalienable rights guaranteed by the BoR, as long as they feel safe from any extra control on their perceived personal rights. A current threat of major concern is the possible attempt to implement the "UN Small Arms Treaty" which if ratified, in theory totally negates the Second Amendment. Hilary Clinton is all for it.

A classic case can be made regarding the hunting fraternity, who feel that as long as their deer rifle or shotgun is not compromized by any law changes then all is just fine.  That however is not good enough at all. The Second Amendment does not differentiate between hunting firearms or any others - it is quite simply based on the RIGHT, to keep and bear arms.

So, this is where education comes in.  There is a major need for these fence sitters to see and understand the Second Amendment for what it is - a right to keep and bear arms in all respects. To further this aim requires that people get properly educated on all matters concerning their rights and in particular their innate right of self defense.

This is why this site is here - a small attempt to educate people by pointing them at the many resources providing information about the Second Amendment. The U.S.A. is unique on a global front by having had this BoR protection but it is under severe threat more than at any time in history.  It is frightening to even contemplate how the millions of firearms owners might respond were a total ban to be implemented.  That said, we also can see the methods of "Creeping Incrementalism" as being a method of choice by those who wish to expand "Gun Control".   Before many realize there has been change, it is too late. Restrictions on ammo, restrictions on purchasing, restrictions on transfer - the list goes on.  You are left with at best, a paper weight or illegal door stop!

Sadly, any changes in gun laws can only affect the law abiding and near total majority of gun owners - as we all know the criminals will always as ever, retain a means to obtain firearms - whether we call it being by "Black Market" or any other label - they will never ever be deprived of their guns.

If you are a doubter, not sure about how the Second Amendment affects you - then persue links provided here and learn that gun ownership by good people is NOT prejudicing either national or public safety. Quite the contrary. Despite the expression being perhaps over played it is still true to say that "An Armed Society, is a Polite Society", as well as "If guns are outlawed then only outlaws have guns".   Learn too about the mind set of the anti gun people!

Do gun owners a favor - explore and read and try and see the sense in lawful gun ownership - then pass the information on to try and educate others. The lawful gun owner is to be respected and supported through necessary responsible behavior and for the most part this is what we see - it is solely the very few "nut jobs" who provide the impetus to the "Brady Bunch et al" in their mission to sabotage the Second Amendment.  They will latch onto any and every excuse to implement their plans.


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