Gun Safety, the four rules, video


The late Col Jeff Cooper derived long ago four basic rules of gun safety.  ideally all should be followed religiously but there is one that we can consider the "catch all" if others are ignored - the second rule which says "Never point a gun at anything you do not wish to destroy".  NEVER let that pass you by.

Some may take issue with our version of rule #1 regarding a gun being loaded, as if they have cleared their gun and proved it empty, where is the problem?  Trouble is humans are fallible, and treating any gun as always loaded greatly increases safety - how many "accidents" are followed by - "but I thought it was empty"!?.


A short look at the four rules of gun safety

Watch the video below - it's about 4.5Mb and 1½ minutes.

Download this .WMV file if you wish to keep a copy (6Mb)

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