Penn and Teller on Gun Control, video


Apparently originating on YouTube November 7th 2008, Penn and Teller discuss the angles on gun control in their inimitable fashion. Much joking but the message is clear even if decidedly flippant.

It turns out the original YouTube files have been pulled but we have a copy of the whole item - sorry but sound needs turned up a lot..

Watch out for the self-assured and supercilious dude in his plush armchair, who knows it all and thinks the police will be there to protect him!! Guess he needs a wake up call - sadly tho his kind is typical of those who think ''ban guns'' solves it all. He has conveniently ignored the bad guys who will always have guns and want gun control - and to heck with the law abiding folks. He is just fine - thank you (so he thinks).


Penn and Teller on Gun Control, "Gun Control is Bullshit!"

Watch the video below - it's a full 80 Mb and 28 minutes.

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